Corporación de Alta Tecnología S.A.C.

About us

Corporación de Alta Tecnología S.A.C. – CALTEC is an integrative telecommunications engineering company dedicated to the supply of equipment and implementation of services and infrastructure for small, medium and large companies. It was created in 1987, and since its inception it has developed hundreds of projects nationwide with one hundred percent success. We are a company focused on engineering development and we have four main areas: Satellite Communications, IP Networking, Comprehensive Solutions and Consulting. CALTEC has carried out numerous consulting services and studies, especially for banks, with the aim of optimizing their communications networks and their customer service. CALTEC is a main participant in Peru in the so-called Broadband technologies and we are an active part of massive Internet access networks for users of telecommunications operators with xDSL, wireless and cable technologies. We integrate secure and reliable VPN networks in both public networks (Internet) and private networks. We provide our customers with post-sales support to ensure their complete satisfaction. CALTEC has always tried to stay up to date with technological advances by introducing new products into the Peruvian market once assured of their reliability. Our policy is to first test new products in our laboratory and if they are reliable, offer them to our customers. CALTEC has a team of highly trained engineers in the factories of our represented companies. It has the ability to integrate any system (satellite, IP networking, microwave, fiber optics, etc.) and direct the operation and maintenance of earth stations and networks in general.


By 2024, be among the 5 best telecommunications equipment marketing companies in Peru as well as begin to have an international presence in some countries in the Latin American region. Contribute to closing the digital gap in the country, allowing more people, towns and cities to integrate into the real and globalized world, helping to improve competitiveness and IT (Information Technology) infrastructure levels.


Offer telecommunications equipment for access to broadband Internet connections for the Telco and corporate market with the latest in IP and Satellite technology; as well as value-added services in the integration of Networking systems that help optimize clients' IT infrastructure. Market only products that stand out in the international market and that comply with international quality standards such as FCC and FE as well as local standards ECA (Environmental Quality Standards), LMP (Maximum Permissible Limits), WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ) of the MTC guaranteeing coexistence with the ecosystem.


  • Innovation and business quality.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Professional diligence.
  • Trust, Honesty and Transparency.
  • < li>Respect for society and the environment.
  • Collaboration.

Integral Services

The main comprehensive services offered by Caltec.

IP Networking

IP Networking

Satellite Communications

Amplifiers, Satellite Modems and STACS


Broadcasting consultancy and development of complete telecommunications projects.

Integrated solutions

Solutions Communications systems based on fiber optics, microwaves, etc.



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